Office escape

Being in the current social environment, facing the workplace, family and interpersonal relationships, T.C.H hopes to achieve spiritual communication with users through different expressions of clothing. The "Office Exodus" series is characterised by unique and individualistic designs, varied fits, comfortable materials and the brand's unique hot-stamped diamond elements. Each piece of clothing is designed to bring pleasure and relaxation to the wearer, becoming a source of spiritual energy in everyone's daily life.



The rhinestone details and unconventional design concepts are all integrated with T.C.H's consistent spirit of fashion and innovation. With the belief of providing more choices for the wearer, we hope that through this collection, every wearer can feel the unique charm of the brand, find themselves and break through.



"Office Escape" is not only a clothing collection, but also a response to the current social workplace environment. We understand the fast pace of society, the pressure of work, and people's pursuit of freedom and individuality. This collection provides wearers with eclectic dressing options, allowing everyone to express themselves in the workplace while feeling a deep sense of peace and freedom.


This series of new products are now on the market, online and offline stores on sale, you can go to buy. please pay attention to TCH official microblogging, micro letter, small red book for more product information and sale details.