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Brand: TCH
Size: S M L XL 2XL
Subdivision style: tide

Basic style: youth popular

Applicable scene: other leisure

Applicable object: youth


Customer service:400-806-1110

Detailed introduction

The brand originated in the United Kingdom and is a brand T.C.H owned by Anraf Co., Ltd. It entered the Chinese market in 2018 and is committed to the international fashion personalized light luxury design brand, with "hot drilling", "luxury" and "heavy industry" as the brand The design direction, with exquisite craftsmanship, extraordinary aesthetic taste combined with smart and infinite creativity.

The series continues the design style of the classic "black gold", retains the brand's trend and cultural genes, while upgrading the craft style and restoring the design details of the brand's spiritual essence with heavy craftsmanship. In the clothing design and style items, add "dark style" elements to shape the sensory experience of "thousands of people and thousands of faces. The series is matched with heavy craft embroidery and hot drilling technology, retaining the brand's cultural genes, and shaping the series of fashion in a new design way and technique.

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